John Higgins

Senior Advisor - Digital Technology


Putting ‘digital’ at the forefront of European jobs and growth has long been John Higgins’ top priority throughout his 30+ year in public affairs. As Director General of DIGITAL EUROPE, he ensured European policy reflected real world business needs and trends during a time of intense regulatory pressure. This followed nearly 20 years as the chief executive and lead spokesperson for TechUK, the UK’s digital industries’ association.

Today, he is an established and respected voice on some of the toughest and most complex digital issues with high-profile policymakers and business executives alike. When it comes to the Digital Single Market, no one is quite as knowledgeable or as connected. Artificial intelligence, robotics, data protection, copyright, digital skills and entrepreneurship are all topics he has immense experience discussing with policymakers on behalf of industry.

During his three year tenure as President of the European Commission’s Strategic Policy Forum, he was a strong advocate for digital transformation in Europe. Now as chairman of the Global Digital Foundation, he continues to deliver his message about the importance and potential of digital with influencers worldwide.


education BSc, Math and Physics – University of East Anglia

languages English – French